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Fried Egg

Fried Egg - Simply Tasty

Dad’s Jazzed Egg Sammie – I call it a C.E.L.T. (Cheese Egg Lettuce & Tomato)
I don’t remember ever seeing my dad cook (he died when I was 11) but my Mum told me he packed his own lunches and his Go-To sandwich was an egg fried in butter, slapped between two pieces of store-bought white bread. I’ve since jazzed it up a tad.

Good Quality Whole Wheat Bread
One Egg per Sammie
Thinly Sliced Swiss Cheese
Lettuce Leaves
Tomato Slices
Lemon Pepper

Fry the egg in butter. Cook to your desired hardness. I like my yolk runny. My man likes his hard. A good man is hard to find. A hard man is even better! 😉 Bung the bread slices in a toaster. Place a thin piece of cheese on each frying egg. Put the lid on and turn to low until the cheese has melted. Spread mayo on toast, top with tomato slice and season. If you haven’t got lemon pepper, just use salt & pepper. Slap the ole cheesy egg on, top with toast. Cut in half, and chow down.

Seem simple? It is. Sometimes, the simplest things are the loveliest. If you’ve had a rough night out, or if it’s a grayed out day…the CELT Sammie with bring a smile your way.

Upgrade; Add a pinch of Herbs de Provence to the frying egg. Love the stuff! A thin slice of ham is a treat. Heated through with the eggs.

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