Eggs a La Peter

Eggs A La Peter

Eggs are Extraordinarily Economical

Eggs a La Peter

2 eggs per person
A splash of water (you can use milk instead if you wish)

A small handful of grated cheddar or crumbled feta
A bit of green onion or fresh herb of choice (sage, tarragon, or parsley)

Beat the eggs and water in a microwave proof bowl. I use a Pyrex glass, one with tall sides. Tall sides are important because when you cook eggs in the micro, they puff up! Nuke for a minute. Remove and stir. Then maybe another minute or less. You need to watch them. Repeat if necessary until your eggs reach your desired state of doneness. Some like ‘em runny. I like ‘em just this side of that. If you stop cooking before they look done, let them sit a bit, and they’ll continue to cook.

Spoon this golden wodge of lovely onto a plate and top with cheese and a little green. Excellent for breakfast, a light lunch, or late night nibbly.

You don’t need salt when you’ve got the cheese. If you haven’t the herbs then you might want a turn of pepper.

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