Breakfast in A Bite Scottish Eggs Covered in Sausage and Bread

Men in Kilts

A Hearty Breakfast Builds Men Like This!

It’s a fiddly dish. But well worth the muckin’ about. Sink your teeth into one of these browned beauties and Ah… it’s a breakfast of ham, eggs, and toast in a single bite!

1 cup Fine Breadcrumbs
1 cup Cooked Ham, minced well
2 Eggs Beaten
1 Tbsp. fresh Sage or Tarragon chopped
Pinch of Black Pepper or 1 pinch of Mild Yellow Curry

8 Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs

Olive oil for frying

Mix breadcrumbs, spices, and cooked ham. Beat 2 eggs and stir in to make the coating. With your hands, scoop up some of th coating muck. With the other hand cradle a peeled egg, coating the egg with the muck. Cover the egg completely and set aside, continue until you’ve covered all 8 white orbs.

Heat the oil. Gentle put the coated eggs in and brown on all sides. Serve immediately.

Left over cold Scotch Eggs are a very fine addition to a ploughman’s lunch which is basically the Englishman’s version of an Italian’s antipasto platter.

LUXED Up Version;
Substitute 5 uncooked prawns for the cooked ham. Chop finely and add to mix.

Variations; Bake for 15 minutes at 400 instead of frying.

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