Not Doc Seuss’s Green Egg Omelet

Mesclun Lettuce Mix

Mesclun Lettuce Mix

At this time of year, I have an abundance of greens growing in my plot…Swiss Chard, Assorted Lettuces, and Mustard Greens. One of my quickest, healthiest, and easiest ways to enjoy them is by shredding them into an omelet. It’s a lot like Egg Foo Yung without the bean sprouts that are not only often expensive but sometimes slimy!

Splash of Olive Oil for the Pan
1 Large Egg
1 Large or 2 Medium-sized Green Leafed Veg. (Swiss Chard, or Lettuce preferably a dark or a red one, or Mustard Greens, or a handful of Spinach)
1 small Green Onion, chopped fine or Garlic Chives
1 Radish or a 1” piece of Carrot, or 1 Button Mushroom, chopped fine
A minced sprig of Dill, Tarragon, or Rosemary, or a small piece of Ginger Root
(or a pinch of ground Ginger )

Optional Garnish; A drizzle of Soy Sauce and/or Sesame Oil

Crack egg into a bowl and beat with a fork Stack the leaves and roll them into a long tight sausage shape. With a sharp knife, slice thinly. Add to the beaten egg. Add the chopped onion, root veg, and herb. Beat again with the fork until the egg foams around the greens. You’ll be surprised by the volume of a single egg!
Heat olive oil in a small fry pan. Turn the heat to high. Dollop in the veg batter, and immediately turn the heat to low. When the edges begin to brown, flip and cook for a minute or two…until the egg just sets.
Slide onto a small plate and drizzle with a little Sesame oil and/or Soy sauce for an Asian flare or eat A La Nude…it’s up to you! Serves 1.

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