Chill Banishing Lasagna Soup A bowlful of Italy

Winter Painting by Harris

Winter Painting by Harris

It’s cold. You’re rattled to the bone. Your nose is froze and your toes are numb. It’s a night for soup, a hearty stick-to-your-ribs kind of soup. All the taste of a naughty lasagna without paying the price.

2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
2 Onions, roughly chopped
1 lb. Mild or Spicy Italian Sausages, (squeezed from their casings)
2 Green Peppers, roughly chopped
4 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
1 Tbsp. Italian Blend Spice
4 cups Beef OR Chicken Broth (Home-made or Low-Sodium) OR Water
1 large can of Crushed Tomatoes
1/2 small can of Tomato Paste
1 Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
6 Broken Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles

Toppings; Shredded Mozzarella, Parmesan, and 1 Tbsp. of Ricotta or Cream Cheese per serving.

In a large stock pot, heat oil. Add onions and sauté until almost soft. Drop in sausage meat, break up into chunks, and brown. Add green peppers, garlic, and Italian spice. Sauté for a minute or so.
Add broth or water, crushed tomatoes, and pepper flakes. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 15- 20 minutes.
Break lasagna noodles into quarters and drop into soup. Cook until just tender.

When plating, use large shallow bowls. Dress each with 1 Tbsp. of Ricotta or Cream Cheese, a scattering of shredded mozzarella, and a pinch of Parmesan.

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