Tagine-less de Poulet Olives et Citrons

Tagine-less Chicken with Olives and Lemons
Tagine-less Chicken with Olives and Lemons

If you’re not a francophile, this dish is simply Chicken with Olives and Lemons.  Usually, it’s cooked in the oven in a Tagine, a clay dish with an inverted funnel lid, but I’ve found a heavy stock pot works well ontop of the stove.

1/4 cup olive oil
8 chicken thighs
2 medium onions (rough chop)
2 gloves fresh garlic (not the jarred stuff please!)
1 Tbsp. fresh ginger chopped
1 Tbsp. cinnamon or 1 cinnamon stick (to be removed later)
1 Tbsp. cumin
2 cups chicken broth (homemade or low sodium store bought)
1/4 cup of fresh parsley or cilantro chopped coarsely
1 cup of green olives (jarred ones if you like it salty, canned ones if you’re want a more buttery flavor)
1 lemon thinly sliced

Dump the oil in your pot, brown the thighs.  Don’t crowd the buggers.  Give them a little room and NO double stacking.  Get a nice little carmelization of the meat going.  Now if you’re watching your waistline or the waistline of your beluv’d, you’ll want to remove the skins first.  If not, then leave them on.  Set aside the thighs, chuck the onions in the pan, let them get to the nearly translucent stage, then add all of your spices.

This is when the kitchen smells like heaven and the brute in your life will magically appear.  “What’s for dinner hon’?”  At this point, you’ll say Poulet Olives et Citrons and he’ll say, “huh?”   This is one of those dishes, that you only want to serve to the men you want to keep around!

Heat the spices up slightly this gets their oils flowin’   Toss the chicken thighs back into the pot, add most of the parsley or cilantro (reserve a little for garnish).  Add the olives, lemon slices, and chicken stock.   Turn the flame down to a low, put a lid on, and let it simmer for 40-50 minutes.

When plating, sprinkle a little of the reserved parsley or cilantro ontop.  You may want to serve this dish with a little rice, or couscous, or even simply a thick slice of bread n’ butter.   This dish is fabo the first time, but if you have leftovers its even better the next day!   Enjoy!


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